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Kimmy & Kevin posing after the show
© Kim Moore

Patrick, Amber, Stacy, Ash, JuJu, Shorty
© Kim Moore

Shorty & JuJu hamming it up after the show
� Kim Moore

OLR Show May 2005

What can I say? This show rocked! You know how sometimes you're in no hurray to get to a show because you know the opening bands aren't that great so you wait for the better bands to come on? This is not the case here.
Jackson Tn. was rocked off the planet last night by some awesome performances by Bleak Reality, Faktion, One Less Reason and Day of Fire. Every band came out to entertain and that's exactly what they did.
Stephen and his guys from Bleak showed Jackson more love than ever by playing a tight set. These guys get better and better with each show. You can hear it in the music and the vocals and believe me the crowd noticed.
Ryan and the guys from Faktion brought a little bit of Tx. back to Tn. last night, covering the majority of the songs from their cd plus a cover of Chevelle's Comfortable Liar. They have an incredible stage prescence and you have no doubt that you're witnessing the next band to blow out of the water. When the Batman Begins soundtrack hits shelves..you better grab one!
One Less Reason never ceases to impress us with each show. Releasing their new CD, "everydaylife", the boys showed us exactly what rock stars are made of. From the beginning to end they give it their all and the fans give it back by singing louder than ever. Really B ad Analogy kicks major tail..keep your ears tuned into The Rocket (102.3 fm) for more of this one.
Day of Fire ended the night with explosive action by Josh Brown and his guys. Their hard rock melodies and intense lyrics keep the crowd wondering if it's live or Memorex. Trust me..it was live baby! Jackson is ready for the next DOF show to hit soon..this one was just a taste.
Lots of blood sweat and even a few tears were put into this show and we the fans appreciate every part of the process. Thank you guys for letting West Tn. rock hard with you! \/