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Could it possibly be we’ve entered into Spring already in West Tn.? No it’s too good to be true. The temps this past week have been in the 60’s every day and even low 70’s but his week we’re supposed to be back to normal with highs in the 40’s and even some severe weather possibly Thursday. It’s just not February if we haven’t had the tornado sirens going off.

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks but there’s nothing terribly new to report. Right now we’re just counting down the days till Spring Break (14 working days). I have a honey-do list a mile long but since honey won’t get a Spring Break, I’ll be the one doing them myself. lol Maybe I can work a little photogging in there and actually go somewhere and shoot some wildlife too.


This big guy was sitting on a church lawn in Union City. By looking at the scattered feathers all over the ground, I’m guessing he’d just finished lunch.


One of my favorite spots to catch Bald Eagles did not disappoint last weekend. Sometimes we see a pair, sometimes just one. He was holding his own against the strong winds.


And last week we had a visitor to the backyard…looks like another opossum has been munching on the cats food. Last Summer we had a whole family of coons visit for a few weeks then a nasty looking opossum showed up for leftovers. This big guy didn’t look as rough as he did. The cats walked right by him while he ate and he didn’t seem to care that we were even there.

Here a Hawk….

there a hawk…


Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk (I think)


everywhere a hawk.. hawk lol


Whoa wait those aren’t hawks…anyone else noticing the crazy starlings and blackbirds lately? Seems like we’re in for some bad weather the way they’ve been congregating together in the fields.

Only Way Is Up Right?

I’ve been quiet for a few weeks and left blogspot behind to focus on things here at home but I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way up from real life issues is to well..deal with the and move on.

Most of you know the situation with hubby and his plant closing down last July. We’ve cut back on things here and there, anticipating how things would change over the next year but you come to take some things for granted in life..like insurance and well paying jobs that are harder to come by. But we’ve crawled out of holes before and so we shall again. At least we both have jobs now and a roof over our heads right? Now on to more inspiring things…

Snow is said to be headed our way again Tuesday in the form of a BIG snowstorm. By big here, I mean 10 inches. I can’t recall when West Tn had 10 inches of snow last so if this storm stacks up to what they say it will, the whole city will shut down. As much as I long for the big flakes to fall every Christmas, I have to say I’m sick of the snow now. We haven’t had a lot at one time but we’ve had more than usual this yr. I can’t even imagine living in places like Chicago or New York where it’s been storm after storm after storm already. If you’re like me, you long for Springtime temps and the idea of little buds appearing on the blooming trees. Some people say February is the depressed month.. the month where more people find themselves feeling the doldrums of Winter weather. I concur. Let’s get some happy colorful shots in now.


Hubby & I took a drive to Davy Crockett Lake last wknd while the weather was unusually warm. (in the low 60’s!) These days you take advantage of it when you can because it can change at the drop of a hat. lol


I couldn’t resist this old car on the way to the lake.




The Canada Geese were out and about and honking their heads off. Maybe they knew the good weather wouldn’t last for long.


The lake was calm and the skies were cloudy. Only 2 boats on the water this day. There’s not a lot of things to do at this lake unless you fish but it makes for a beautiful backdrop for picnics.

This Summer we’ll go back and maybe throw a pole in and see what bites.