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Here a Hawk….

there a hawk…


Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk (I think)


everywhere a hawk.. hawk lol


Whoa wait those aren’t hawks…anyone else noticing the crazy starlings and blackbirds lately? Seems like we’re in for some bad weather the way they’ve been congregating together in the fields.


Cindy said...

Hmmm, don't know about the first hawk. I was just comparing pictures of a Coopers hawk and a sharp-shinned. The look a lot alike, except the Coopers is lots bigger. The hawks are having a hard time hunting now with the deep snow. I see them perched in the same spots every day. Cool pictures as always Kimmy.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---seems as if bad weather is on the way--but not sure it will get all of the way to us. Maybe the 2nd system on Wed. will get here... ??? Who knows!!!

I'm sure the birds know what is coming. They seem to 'sense' a change, don't they????

That first hawk picture is GREAT...

Ramblingon said...

COOLNESS! The hawk is one of my favorite birds! Great picture.

JennyD said...

Are they young? They look like they are. Look at those little faces :D
I had tons of a particular bird just yesterday in my yard, on the porch, in the trees...but I didn't recognize what kind. They were basically black but smaller than starlings and more dainty looking, but the real thing was the coloring on top of the black. They were speckled with reds, greens, and browns all over their bodies. Never saw anything like it. Does it sound familiar to you?
Btw, how's the pup?

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