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Could it possibly be we’ve entered into Spring already in West Tn.? No it’s too good to be true. The temps this past week have been in the 60’s every day and even low 70’s but his week we’re supposed to be back to normal with highs in the 40’s and even some severe weather possibly Thursday. It’s just not February if we haven’t had the tornado sirens going off.

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks but there’s nothing terribly new to report. Right now we’re just counting down the days till Spring Break (14 working days). I have a honey-do list a mile long but since honey won’t get a Spring Break, I’ll be the one doing them myself. lol Maybe I can work a little photogging in there and actually go somewhere and shoot some wildlife too.


This big guy was sitting on a church lawn in Union City. By looking at the scattered feathers all over the ground, I’m guessing he’d just finished lunch.


One of my favorite spots to catch Bald Eagles did not disappoint last weekend. Sometimes we see a pair, sometimes just one. He was holding his own against the strong winds.


And last week we had a visitor to the backyard…looks like another opossum has been munching on the cats food. Last Summer we had a whole family of coons visit for a few weeks then a nasty looking opossum showed up for leftovers. This big guy didn’t look as rough as he did. The cats walked right by him while he ate and he didn’t seem to care that we were even there.


Anonymous said...

We've got Winter here for another 6+ weeks, so I will celebrate Spring with you instead!

Out on the prairie said...

27 days but who is counting.We had a brief fling with what is to come, but my snow removal equipment stands ready.It is 18 today but warming. I will start a few peppers indoors later this week.The hawk shot is great, they don't pose very long.

Tracy said...

Ahhh Kimmy, Good to see you again! I think it is funny the opossum isn't bothered by the cats...I guess food is more important than fear? ..too each his own!
We were at 76 yesterday; set a new high for our area in NC but today is only 59, oh well, I guess it is still winter!
glad to see your photos...I think the bald eagle looks like he's hanging on for dear life!

Jayne said...

Yep, I know what you mean. I went out to get the paper this morning and was hit by the cold blast of 36 degrees after having gotten quite used to balmy mornings and warmer days. We get teased so much this time of year! Love your lunch muncher!!!

Tammy said...

Love the hawk! Not spring here in NY for a while yet. We did have a sunny day (they seem to be rare these days) last week.


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