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Testing testing


Lisa said...

Lovely Photo Kimmy.
Love the Blue and your testing
Smiles Girl.

Lisa said...

Hi Kim , I think I just Started following you someplace else. After being on LS for so long I find I make a few mistakes and mishaps here.
Love your new blog

Kimmy said...

Lisa I totally understand! This is Greek to me too. lol I feel like I'm on here twice or something.

I'm really gonna try to start this thing back up and stick with it. Notice I said *try* lol

JennyD said...

Lol, I just did the same thing that Lisa did. I'm following the dot com site as well as this one. So the dot com one is photograph and THIS one is both a blog AND photos. I figured that out all by myself, lol. (Stop rollin' your eyes) Anyway, I left a comment on the other, thinking it was the only one, so I'll just paste it again here, lol.

"Kimmy!!! Oh my gosh, I'm glad you found me and now I know where you are! This is fabulous to be able to see all your GORGEOUS photography work again. We followed each other for some years and you were terrific then, but now? Omg. Outstanding is a better word. You have become the fully opened blossom yourself! Whew, I'm blown away, girl.
I just started on blogger and only have 6 entries. Still learning and strugglin' through all the stuff all over again, sigh, lol. This old brain doesn't grab it all up as fast as I used to. But enough about that. I am beyond thrilled that we're in touch again! (But you never did open those darn bd cards I sent to you for the past 2 yrs. Bet they hit your spam folder, darn it)
Love ya, gal :D xoxoxo "

Listen, I may tear my hair out trying to set up a page, but I sure know how to copy and paste.

Kimmy said...

Uh oh.. I have another site I haven't let go of yet? Or did you post a comment in the guestbook on my photography site? I'll go check it out in a minute.
No I don't remember getting any b'day cards but then again I don't check my regular email often. Last time I checked I had over 2000 unread emails! lol

Jenny TY SO much for your kind words. ((hugs))

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