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Burgess Falls

A friend and I decided to take a day trip to Middle Tn to hike some trails, do some photography and just "get back to nature". We opted for Burgess Falls State Park. The weather was very warm but not as hot as some of the days we've had in West Tn. lately. Who'd have thought we could spend 4 hrs in the park?? It was simply breathtaking.
Hubby, the kids & I, had made the trip years ago but it was nice to spend the day with a nature-nut like myself. We made a side trip to Rock Island SP and got a few shots in before the darkness gave way and we headed back home. Rock Island holds a special place in my heart. We've been camping there twice and it feels like home.
Tennessee is beautiful eh?

(click for bigger photo)


Rocket Man said...

Gorgeous waterfall, Kimmy!

JennyD said...

What I wouldn't give to dip my toes into THAT! Kimmy, it's soooo good to see you again :)

Lisa RedWillow said...

Stunning.. Just stuning.. We women are so drawn to water.
Seems like all of us.
Nice to see you here Kimmy. I look so forward to your view.

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