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Snow Day #2!- Crystals

Well here we are again….West Tn managed to get a good 3 inches of the powdery white stuff yesterday and they let school out at 1pm. Last night the temps got down into the teens and we woke up to some beautiful frosty trees.


Brrr..the snow doesn’t stop the birds from getting to the good stuff.


The limbs of the willow tree in the backyard hung like icy strands of hair.


The Cleveland Pear Tree in the front yard wasn’t spared either. Those little ice crystals just make me smile!


More crystals!


zooming in on those perfect little shapes..


I realize a lot of you up north may be sick of seeing snow but here in West Tn., we’re lucky to get a few inches every Winter and it’s usually gone within 24 hrs so I try to document every snowfall we get as quickly as I can. Don’t like the weather here? Wait a few minutes…it’ll change! lol


Anonymous said...

Kim, you take the MOST beautiful pictures....thank you for sharing them with us!! Sharon Gatch

Kimmy said...

Awe Sharon Thank YOU for looking! ((hugs))

nita said...

Hi Kimmy,

beautiful pictures, love the chrystals. although I dont like snow very much I must admit it is very pretty, part of God's wonderful design and creation. Have a good weekend.

Robin said...

Kimmy, great shots of the ice crystals. Very pretty!
I really like you blog!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful, Kimmy... We didn't get much from that system (maybe one inch). BUT-when it started snowing last night, I did get out then and take a few pictures. I'll feature them sometime next week... It was pretty while it lasted.

It's very cold here also--but the sun came out today and much of our tiny snow melted. My hubby was happy since he didn't have to shovel the driveway... ha

Have a nice weekend.

JennyD said...

I tell ya, gal, there's nothing more beautiful than ice crystals. These photos are just great! I was looking at your suet feeder and it looks like the berry suet. I have one berry suet going and one peanut suet on the other side, and wouldn't you know it, all the birds are ignoring them for some reason. No idea why. All fresh and new, and they loved them last winter. So my question is, who's been passing around the menu to another house?

Jayne said...

Oooooooo.... love those beautiful crystals! I think the 8" we had will do us for quite some time, and there are still "snow boulders" along the roads almost two weeks after the fact. If all of it stays north of us for the remainder of the winter, I'll be happy. :c)

Out on the prairie said...

You have hoar frost, usually when it gets foggy in the cold.Lovely shots, really remarkable.

SeaPrayer said...

Love the crystal photos!!

Kimmy said...

Steve thank you so much for that info! I've never heard of Hoar Frost before but we did have a freezing fog advisory the night before so it makes sense! I've learned something new thanks to you!

Greg said...

Thanks for sharing those fantastic ice crystal photos. That's something I hope to see when our winter down here eventually gets here!

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