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Snow Day!

West Tn has officially seen it’s first snow of 2011! It may be the only snow we get so we get a little excited when we see the white stuff fall. An inch of snow here and they call school so that’s one more reason to be happy right? lol


View from the front yard


Our road


Mr Mocker all fluffed out


Out on the prairie said...

Catastrophe they said! When you aren't used to it, it can be be rough.We had 3 inches this last snow a few days ago and are waiting for a storm to dump 6-11 inches across the state. They make a random guess to have their bases covered.Last year we had over 6 ft and lots of days off.When i interviewed in Knoxville a few years back I was trying to keep a straight face when they told me totals were at a little over 10 inches.That is nice weather I thought,and could be one snow fall here in Iowa.

Tracy said...

Awww Kimmy, Mr. Mocker certainly looks frigid; poor thing~
Emerald Isle is in the Southern Outer Banks of NOrth Carolina down my MOrehead City and Beaufort...a wonderful area if you like the beach and outside. WE go there a couple times a year and it is a great family place! I highly recommend it!
...thanks for your kind thoughts on my scrapbooking!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you finally got some snow, Kimmy---especially the part about NO SCHOOL... ha... We have had ALOT of snow so far this winter here on the Cumberland Plateau. Right now, we have about 4-5 inches...It's pretty but I'm glad we don't have to get out in it.

nita said...

Hi Kimmy,

Love the picture of Mr Mocker. We dont have snow at the moment, we have rain, but my thoughts tonight are with the people of Queensland in Australia. The floods there are getting worse and nearing to Brisbane which is close to where my friend Kerrie, lives, she has just posted a very sad post.

Take Care, enjoy your snow and time off. Nita

Ruth said...

Enjoy your snow and be thankful it doesn't last for 5 months! We actually have had relatively little snow compared to usual this winter and haven't had the snowblower out once.

Jayne said...

Eight inches is a bit much for us here in northwest Georgia. Ready for life to return to normal now... sigh.

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