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Butterfly Love

Silvery Checkerspots

A pair of Silvery Checkerspots ..getting it on. Love must be in the air around here!

Is it just me of is anyone else seeing more butterflies this yr than in years past? I can probably count the butterflies I saw last yr on my fingers and toes but this yr, they’re everywhere. I’m not complaining though!

What butterfly visits your yard more frequently than any other? For me it would have to be this one. The yard is filled with them during midday and they’re a pleasure to see sitting atop the Black-Eyed Susans.


JennyD said...

What a shot! WOW. So that's what it looks like, lol.
You're right, Kimmy, the beatles in the last post weren't the only ones to corner the market in the love dept.
Now I feel like an intruder looking at this, lol. Time for me to close the door quietly and slip away :)

Rocket Man said...

Gorgeous shot, Kimmy! Yes, I've seem more butterflies this year, mostly monarchs. getting one to hold still long enough for a shot is another story.

SeaPrayer said...

I have seen so many butterflies this Summer but none of them sit still long enough for photos. Not even a quck photo! I find it amazing how you are able to get photos of insects and things with such ease.

Kimmy said...

Tammy I never said it was easy! :p
I just have patience I think. Which is usually why I'm almost always by myself when I shoot in macro. I'll stand and take 10-15 shots with sweat running down my back to get that perfect shot and wait for the butterfly to turn a certain way or follow them around the yard. Yeh my family thinks I'm crazy too. lol

Jodi said...

Nice capture Kimmy Girl! I can totally relate to how your get your shots. I'll be outside red faced from the heat and (not sun burn)dripping with sweat trying to get as many photos as I can in hopes to get a couple good ones. Lots of butterflies here for us again this year too. We've had quite a few for several years now though. They love the Vitex Bush as does the bees.

Word Verification for today is: Vockin. LOL! What the heck is vockin?

Kimmy said...

LOL They come up with some crazy words for that thing don't they?

SeaPrayer said...

I guess the photos are so good, it makes it look easy. I dont think you are crazy by any means..lol I will stand and take 50 photos of one thing if I think a photo wont be good enough. I have had people roll their eyes at me more than once..lol

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong as far as getting my music player on my blog. I do everything I am supposed to do but after I put my password in and blog name, etc. It doesnt allow it to post to my blog. I wonder if there is something I need to click on in my settings before things will post to my blog?

Kimmy said...

Girl you are too kind. ((hugs))

Are you posting your playlist to your sidebar?

SeaPrayer said...

Yes, I tried posting it to my sidebar.

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