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It’s a Small World

I’ve been posting through the Blogger editor. Today I’m using Windows Live Writer. I haven’t opened WLW since I left Spaces so we’ll see how this goes.
A stroll through the yard today led to smaller things. Things we normally pass right by without so much as a glance. Sometimes searching the small things helps us understand just what a great big world it is out there.
Meadow Grasshopper hiding in the weedsCricket
Red Admiral Butterfly & guestP1180762
Eggs of the Leaf-Footed Bug..like drops of gold on a sea of green.P1180769 
These little guys resembled June Bugs but they were smaller and I’ve never seen June Bugs gather like this. No clue what they were doing but I felt like I was interrupting so I moved on.
*note* A friend ID'd these as Japanese Beetles. TY Georgia!
Then there was this little guy who I couldn't identify. Anyone care to ID him? P1180753
“We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics.”  ~Bill Vaughan


JennyD said...

Kimmy, these are soooooo good and so crisp and clear. Just beautiful, girl. You know the bugs that look like June Bugs? You thought you might be intruding? Lol, yeah, they do look like a 60's love-in (covering my eyes).

I like how Live Writer let you lay out the blog. Seems to be better than blogger. I saw someone else post about that just a few days ago, and I haven't been able to move photos around at all. I'm going to try live writer next time and see what happens. Of course, I should probably take some pics, right? Lol.

Jodi said...

I was having such a problem with my WLW a while back but the update they last did helped with a lot of my issues and can now post again on my WL Space. Still, I'm not sure I care for Spaces anymore. Seems like a lot of people have left it too.

I'm glad I can use the WLW to post to my Blogspot though. I Love the new look you got going on here! I haven't heard of 'networkedblogs.com' Looks a lot like Blogspot to me though. Love all the photos. I think my favorite is of the "June Bug Club". lol

Kimmy said...

June Bug Club..I love it! LOL yep most definitely seems like a 60's love-in. Maybe we should play some music to help them out. haha

Jenny get out there and take pictures girl! I wanna see!

Jodi.. the Networked Blogs thing is just an app for Facebook to get my blog automatically published. I've used it since I had Spaces. You can follow people through there as well for any blog site.

Jodi said...

I have that application on my Facebook too .. I just never used it to post a blog with and really didn't realize you could. I'm always behind what can I say? lol.

nita said...

hi kimmy, very interesting pictures, thanks for your visit and comments on my blog, hugs - nita

Lisa RedWillow said...

Kimmy so very intersting. You get out there and really do find the finest in nature and bring it back for all of us to see.
Love you view GF.
Happy Sunday to you. Hope the stroms have passed . They have here leaving it damp, cold , with lots of fog mixed perhaps with some smoke from the fires in BC Canada. Thousands of miles from me.

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