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Cumulus Amongus

Today has been like any other day lately..hot and very humid. We did have a chance of storms last night but in rolled a little thunder and lightning and the show was over before any rain hit the ground. Tonight looked like we were going to get more of the same, a little thunder in the distance and some lightning flashing across the sky. Once again no rain well, but what appeared in the sky was just breathtaking.

Cloud & trees

I had to get a better look..

Cloud Closer

And maybe a little bit closer still…


The backyard was just covered in dragonflies tonight too. You can see a few of them on the left side of the picture above. They almost look like birds in the distance.

On the way back in I noticed how bright the moon was and took one parting shot before heading back in..away from the mosquitoes that sounded like small airplanes around my head!


“We can never have enough of nature. We must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features, the sea-coast with its wrecks, the wilderness with its living and its decaying trees, the thunder-cloud, and the rain.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


Anonymous said...

That is one big thunder head! Probably the most amazing one I have ever seen. Reminds me of the storms that rolled in when I would visit family in North Dakota during the Summers. Such clear and crisp photos, Kimmy. That moon photo is incredible too!! Love it all!!

Lisa RedWillow said...

We seem to be in the bad weather .
Its been raining here off and on.
Its been so busy here I havent had a chance to get out much with my camera. Love your view and Love Love the Blue Moon Kimmy.
Take Care

nita said...

hi kimmy, stunning pictures, awesome, for some reason made me think of the second coming - thanks for your visit and encouraging comment - hugs - nita

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Love the photos, Kimmy!We had showers Monday night/Tuesday morning followed by nothing but the three H's; hot,hazy and humid as you well now. The weather guessers say the heat and humidity will increase through Thursday and bring a chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms each day. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR A/C!

Jodi said...

wow. that is just one awesome cloud and one awesome picture of it! :) Love the moon shot too. I just love having a camera that can get in closer to the moon. Oh and yes! I can see the dragonflies. :)

word verification of the day is:

JennyD said...

MAJESTIC! That's what that cloud is, Kimmy. Wow, what a shot! .....and what a title: cumulus amongus, LOL, laughed my head off. That was GREAT!
You know, the 2nd shot, and the 3rd almost looked like a possible tornado embedded. Did you get "watches".
Ahh, but we're just like you, a tease of a sprinkle (like 10 drops) and then nothing. It's so hot and dry (and humid, altho how you can be humid and dry is a mystery) here that I don't even know the words anymore. I just know all the flowers croaked and all the wildlife is actually panting even though I have a dozen bowls of cold water outside and chg the water every 2 hours. Pitiful is what it is.
Anyway, enough about that. It's your pics that are the bomb. I love them!
(PS/ you've gotta see the word security thingy I'm getting ready to press: smely. Add another "L" and that's what I am)

Kimmy said...

LOL Jodi and Jenny! They come up with some goofy words on these things sometimes. My word coming up is boring.. serve. lol Figures!

Jenny.. no tornado watches or anything. I think the cloud was all for show. *look at me..I'm a pretty cloud and you hot people are just going to stay HOT* lol

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