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A Little Island Life

It’s been over a month since our vacation to Jekyll Island, Ga. but the memories are still lingering in my mind. I could live on that island very easily. It’s laid back, teeming with wildlife and the locals are pleasant, down-to-earth people. Yes one could imagine getting away from it all in a place like that. As the sweltering sun beams down upon us here in the south, my mind takes me back to the shores of Jekyll and if I put my hands over my ears, I can almost hear the ocean bellowing me back.

The little 3 legged deer in the back is a frequent visitor around the golf courses of Jekyll Island. I forget what the locals have named her but her story is a sad one. She was almost lunch for an alligator and left with a back leg that dangled for awhile until it dropped off and left her with nothing below the knee joint. But she’s continued to thrive in her environment and even gave birth after that to a single fawn. She’s a trooper!


Driftwood Beach….one of the many aspects of Jekyll Island that soothes the soul. Even the birds seemed to be in their own little world here as they flew in one by one and lined the beach looking out towards the ocean.

Driftwood Beach


On the river-side of the island sits Glory Beach. It’s not ideal for swimming like most parts of the island but it is a perfect place to “get away” and just BE. It also has a history. The Civil War movie “Glory” was filmed here in the mid 80’s and in order for the movie crew to access the beach with equipment, they needed to build a boardwalk. The boardwalk passed through a variety of vegetation and natural habitats and was the only thing left behind by the crew.

Little Cumberland Island sits off in the distance here. It’s home to only a handful of people and only accessible by boat. It’s also home a quaint little lighthouse built in the 1800’s. See more information here.

Glory Beach

Thank you for letting me share a little piece of paradise with you. :)


nita said...

hi kimmy, thank you for sharing a little bit of paradise, sounds delightful, great pictures, have a good week, hugs - nita

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I really enjoyed this post, Kimmy. It sure made me homesick. I can almost hear the surf and smell the salt air.

JennyD said...

Kimmy, this was soooo beautiful. How do you do it? The Wizard Kimmy, that's my name for you.
My heart broke for the doe; saddest story and I'm even surprised she's survived without infections, etc. Just a little miracle. And look at that baby of hers -- another miracle.
Your photo of the beach with the birds is terrific, especially since you caught it at just the right moment with the bird-on-wing coming in. And the shot of the driftwood on the beach? Omg, it took my breath away. You could actually market that as a huge poster and sell it. I'm seein' dollar signs!
What a wonderful trip you had. I can see why your mind would float away to memories of it. There's just "something" about a place like that that never leaves your soul.
(So much for my 2 sentences. Hell with it, I'll never make good on that)

Jodi said...

I love reading stories like this. The next best thing to being on your vacations with you. :) And like Jenny mentioned it really is amazing that the momma deer didn't get an infection with her leg just dangling before it finally fell off. Poor girl. Then goes on to have a baby of her own. A miracle indeed!

Beth said...

I am so happy to find you again Kimmy so that I can enjoy your wonderful pictures.

SeaPrayer said...

Love the photo of the driftwood. Very cool. I am glad you and your family was able to go and experiance that trip to the beach.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Hey Kimmy .Wow look at the mom with a leg missing . How often do you see that . Almost never. She is a strong Momma. Great one. I love the view though your lens.
Have a great week ahead.
I was by early this moring and just could not comment before the coffee kicked in so Im back before I leave.
I will be by to catch up when Im back and I cant sleep lol . I m too excited to be away with Bob this time.
Be good and stay cool . I hear you have a heat wave.

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