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Baby it’s COLD outside!

I sooo wanted to get out and about today and do some birding but it’s just too darn cold. Just standing outside waiting on the chickadees to appear froze my hands off. If it’s going to be this cold, it needs to just snow and get it over with. lol It’s supposed to drop to 23 tonight and feel like 19. UGH The older I get the more I despise the cold. Moving to Florida when we retire is looking better and better. ha

This is what I did manage to see today, despite the cold weather.






Great Blue Heron


And a crazy Blue Heron sitting in the middle of a field with no water around, standing against the cold wind. He was really far away and from the road, I couldn’t make out if I was seeing a heron or not. I felt so sorry for him. Sad smile


Cindy said...

Kimmy, you've got to get yourself some of those open finger gloves that have a mitten flap over the fingers. You got some great pictures, even if you were cold. I really wonder how the birds can take it. Especially those little chickadees, and they always sound so damned happy! LOL

Tracy said...

yeah, baby it IS cold outside! too cold for this girl too. I totally agree that the older I get the more I despise the cold! UGH...but the photos are wonderful :)

Beth said...

The photos are beautiful. I see mostly squirrels out my front door. It is bitter cold here now.

Ruth said...

That is cold. Your temperatures are much the same as ours in Canada right now. I had to convert to F from C, but our temp is 22F with a windchill of 9F in southern Ontario.Nice pictures.

Lisa RedWillow said...

The photos are just beautiful Kimmy. I love your bird.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh YES---it is darn cold outside... Never got out of the 20's today --and supposed to go down to about 13 tonight... Brrrrrrr...

I always feel sorry for the birds when the weather is THIS cold. They certainly flock to the feeders. I'm just glad I am here to feed them.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kimmy, Me again.... Please send me your email (to betsyadams@mac.com) so that I can answer your questions by email.

Your question was: Do we play golf? NO--neither of us do... We just wanted a home without another home near our backyard... The golf course seemed like the perfect place to have privacy --and it IS (since there is alot of forest land between us and the fairway.


JennyD said...

Kimmy, I hope no one else posts after me because I'm going to be embarrassed. But here's the FIRST thing that crossed my mind when I saw the photo of the Mockingbird. Look at his face. What's he thinking?
"Holy chit, my feet are frozen to this board!"

SeaPrayer said...

I keep coming by here to see if you have any snow!..lol

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