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Birds birds birds

This morning I awoke to the sounds of BlueJays in the trees so I thought I’d put out some catfood and see if I could draw them back to the deck. I didn’t have to wait long. They love catfood! So far I haven’t seen a bird who doesn’t though. Hope you enjoy the video. (ignore the last 30 seconds)

Blue Jays & Sparrows


Then came the Cardinals


And more Sparrows


And then more Blue Jays


JennyD said...

Kimmy, I LOVED this vid! I watched it twice and now I'm going to put dried cat food on my railings, too. What a great idea! My ground feeding birds have been out of luck for the last fews days with the snow, but this will take care of that, hot dog!

Beth said...

I love the bird pictures!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi Kimmy, what a wonderfull video and great bird photos.

Cindy said...

Everything loves sunflower seeds too. That's all we feed. Besides the birds, squirrels, deer, bear, coons, bunnies, you name it. Oops, just thought of corn...but all of the above really like corn too. :)

Great pix and video as usual.

dAwN said...

Cat food..humm..I have a cat..I have cat food..now to test it:)
Nice photos and cool Video!..

Tracy said...

What great photos..I specifically like the cardinal and the blue jay but the sparrow shows character. You do such a beautiful job!
Congratulations on being out of school...one more day for us and since I am in a resource room, all of my peeps are in their homerooms so vascillating between reading, working, reading, working...etc...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad Sat's post could be an inspiration to you!
Blessings and enjoy your time off. Also, I didn't know birds like cat food, I'll have to give it a try :)

Dawn said...

Incredible shots and beautiful colors!!
Came through from Sarah's blog- and glad I did. These captures are lovely!

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