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Sweet Blues

The weather today was simply gorgeous. A perfect early Winter day in the south. Everything was moving and flying about when I got home from work, except my fish. They’re water was still too cold from the 29F degree morning and they were still as…well as fish in cold water. lol

It’s been a looong week at work and we only have 2 weeks left before Christmas Break. Woo-Hoo!! Plenty of time off for bird watching. In the meantime I noticed the bluebirds are still around, as well as a few woodpeckers and pine siskins. The Mockingbirds are starting to frequent the cat food more often too.


Daddy Bluebird in the Pin Oak tree


Woodpecker in the same tree


Wait that’s not a bird…it’s a plane! (sorry I couldn’t resist lol)

And when you have good weather, you naturally have good sunsets.


That’s about it from me today…more to come this wknd.


JennyD said...

I wish you could have heard me over here, Kimmy. First I was reading and thought, oh no, don't tell me the fish died -- but they didn't. Then I see the bluebird and think how pretty he is and wonder why I haven't seen any here. Then the woodpecker and the plane, and THEN, I'm surprised you didn't hear me all the way over there. I said OMGGGGGGGG! If I hadn't seen that sunset with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it, Kimmy! Unbelievable shot! Best sunset I ever saw, wowwwwww. XOXOXO

Kimmy said...

LOL Jenny you always know how to make a girl smile. I really didn't have much to talk about but I did have a beautiful day so I thought I'd share. (the sunset was actually from yesterday tho...yesterday sucked..the sunset has been kidnapped by TODAY. lol

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Kimmy, What more could anyone want: good weather, cute birdies and a gorgeous sunset... Life must be good at your home!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the weekend. Some really cold weather is coming here this weekend --for about 4-5 days!!!!! MAYBE some snow....??????


Tracy said...

Oh Kimmy,
WOW!!! when I saw that bluebird sitting on the branch, my heart went aflutter! It is absolutely gorgeous! it literally took my breath away! My husband asked me what was wrong; nothing...exactly what my mind and heart needed this morning!

Tracy said...

Thank you for your thoughtful response and sharing your experience this morning on finding the Christmas spirit...Good for you huband going back to school! Applause goes out to him AND you for encouraging that step; it's not always easy!.
I pray you continue to have that 'Christmasy' feeling throughout and again, thank you!

Ruth said...

What a beautiful Bluebird! They are quite rare in my area and tend to be very skittish and uncooperative when I try to take a picture. Mockingbirds are also rare here and I have only seen one.

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