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It’s All About Abi

So most of you know that we have a new baby in the house, a clumsy footed yellow lab mix we call Abi. It all started with hubby. One day he headed into town and saw 3 puppies on the side of the road, obviously just dumped off. He was afraid they would be hit by traffic so he brought them home. They were adorable and how anyone could just dump them off was beyond us. We found homes for all 3 within a week thanks to the power of Facebooking friends reposting their story.

Since then we’ve helped home a few more until a few weeks ago when hubby went visiting his mother a few towns over. There under his mother’s carport lay a very scared, very skinny Abi, just waiting on hubby’s good heart to take her home. I couldn’t believe how pitiful she looked when he brought her in. You could easily see her ribs and hip bones and she was covered in huge fleas. She ate like it was her last meal and then we quickly gave her a bath to get rid of those fleas. We thought once she gets fattened up and learns to trust us, we’d be able to find her a home as well. That is… until she grew on us. Or shall I say “me”? She won me over with that sweet face and good nature so it looks like she’s here to stay. Here’s Abi’s story in pictures.


Starving and skinny, her tail never stopped wagging.


She was so sad.. her right ear so eaten by fleas, the fur was coming off.


A very wet but clean Abi on her first night here. She looked terrified!


Abi today..happy and full of life..er squeaky bone.


I wuff you mama.. now take the picture already.


She still carries a few signs from her life on the street, a small scar under her right eye, her taste for eating poo..yes poo, ugh, and she wants to grab up mouthfuls of her dog food and carry it off to another room to eat it. I figured this was something she had to do to survive with other dogs around.  Her ears have healed nicely and she’s had her first round of shots, dewormer, flea control and heartworm meds (she was heartworm negative! woo hoo!) She’s decided she likes being an inside dog but she still has her days and nights mixed up and wakes me at 2am every night to go out. We’ve gotta work on that!


JennyD said...

I am SOOOO in love now that I can hardly stand it! Kimmy, Abi is just fabulous, really, REALLY! Oh, she's going to be the best dog and she's going to love you forever. How lucky for you both :D I can't even find the words to tell you how happy I am for all of you. Can I be her aunt?
XOXOXO and a big 'ol slobbery kiss for Abi, too.

Tracy said...

Oh Kimmy~ Bless you..you have warmed my heart and obviously, Abi's as well1
Seriously, what a great gesture to take Abi in and he will love you for life; he KNOWS you rescued him from a life of dreary and drab.
Keep sharing those lovely pictures..

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a sweetheart, Kimmie... I love Abi--and I can tell that she loves YOU... You have saved her and given her a good home. She KNOWS that.. Rescued dogs do appreciate I think....

You and hubby are so good to animals... Thanks for being such a good friend to them.

Cindy said...

Such a happy story Kimmy. Molly is a dog like that...we've said for a long time, "it's all about Moll." She also does that with the food, but she walks around the table while eating then stops for another mouthful and round she goes again of course dropping a kibble here and there. As for the poo snacking, one of our other dogs did that as a puppy. The vet said they do that because they're bored. I got her some plastic toys to chew and play with and it worked. She stopped that nasty habit. You're both lucky to have found each other.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Abi is so lucky to have found you, there are so many people that would have just kicked her around, and just chased her off.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Bless your hearts. What a lucky and pretty dog. I just know she'll be very happy with you guys.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Kimmy what a sweetheart. I love your photos and can see your in Love. Have a wonderful day

dAwN said...

You are soo nice to firstly find those pups a good home...then to adopt this last one! What a lucky dog!!!

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