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Sweet Sights

I haven’t had much to blog about this week. The temps have been cold (but no snow Tammy) and when it’s cold, I sleep. lol I’ve been going to bed early every night. Geez I feel like my mother suddenly but even my mother stays awake longer than I have lately. I think it’s the whole *new puppy in the house* syndrome. Her days and nights are mixed up and she’s wide awake at 2am wanting to play. UGH But she’s a sweetheart and I love her so hopefully we can nip this in the bud soon.

So this blog is entitled sweet sights because it’s things that make you go *awe*.


Sunset from the front window


Abi getting her snooze on. Who would want to wake her when she looks like this?? lol


*When I grow up I wanna be a catbird!*


Foxy you’re in SO much trouble!

Hope everyone has a good wknd!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics..I gotta come see this doggy...so you keeping it right!!!!

Beth said...

Great photos!!

Tracy said...

Those photos certainly did make me say 'awwww' and I'm still thinking it! Thanks for adding lovliness to my morning!

JennyD said...

Perfect title and perfect sound, "awwwwwww".
It's funny about the 'time' and the day getting dark so fast now. Around here (there, too) it's dark by 5:30pm and right away all I can think of is putting on my pjs and stretching out on the bed. It's nuts. Even my Sam & Lucy start slowing down from racing around the house and grab their spots on the bed, too. Abi's nap made me think of all this dribblin' thought. Sorry, lol. I've got to look through old photos to see if I can find a particular shot of Sam when he was a kitten. Just a dead ringer for yours and you can bet yours will grow up to be such a beauty, like a little lion! Ok, not going to talk your head off this morning. Need my morning coffee :D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kimmy, Gorgeous sky picture... And your new puppy is a cutie.... Love the expression on Foxy's face.... Cute!!!!!

They say the REALLY cold weather and snow is coming.... SO---bundle up and enjoy it!!!!! HA....


JennyD said...

(Kimmy, do not go over to bidmacs unless you are prepared to very possibly lose your shirt and your pocketbook. Go back over to my page. I left you a message, but read up in the comments and I explained in parts how it works.) I was NOT making a "Go Here" proclamation by any means.

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