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The Wknd Just *Flew* By

Seems like the birds are beginning to return to the feeders more this wknd. Maybe they knew the coldfront was coming through and wanted to stock up? I’ve been seeing a lot more hawks around lately too.

Kasey & I took a trip to the Hop-In Wildlife Refuge this wknd hoping to see the Sandhill Cranes that migrate there every Winter. Not a crane was to be found though. I guess I was rushing the season a little. I normally don’t see them till Dec. but with the nice cold air and sun shining this wknd., I couldn’t stay in the house. (those who know me, know I love to go Go GO!)

Even though our crane hunt was a bust, we saw plenty of hawks.


A few birds of another feather that we didn’t have to leave the house to see.


The bluebirds are still around on warm days…


Mr Mocker eyeing his sunflower seeds


The sparrows had rather have the cats food than seeds

Here’s a few shots from previous excursions to the refuge to see the Sandhills.


JennyD said...

Ever notice how many animals just LOVE cat food? Even dogs like it better, for heaven's sake. Go figure.

I wish you were here to stand watch for the hawk that's using my back yard for an all-you-can-eat buffet. I know it's nature, but still. Even this afternoon, I saw a LOT of feathers in the driveway and knew yet another little bird was now gone. My next door neighbor says he sees that hawk sitting on top of my car every single day and watching "like a hawk" my back yard. Ugh. Wish I could put up an entire aviary to protect them all.

Fabulous pic, Kimmy...yep, even the hawk, lol.

XOXOXO from me to you :D

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Love the pictures. The birds empty out feeder faster than we can fill it up. We have eagles across the river here and geese galore in the field a block away.

Tracy said...

I love the photos..and the slide show was awesome! Again, you give me something to aspire to!
Have a wonderful day! and please weekend, return quickly!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kimmy, Hope you get to see your cranes this upcoming month.... I love seeing pictures of them --but have never seen them up close and personal.

Cute pictures of your birdies... I will have a cute bird post tomorrow....


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