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Beautiful Fall Day


The weatherman says this week will be a nice one and with temps in the low 70’s today, I can believe it.

You may recognize this little road from previous blogs. It’s a favorite spot to stop and shoot the colors of the seasons for me. Usually this time of year, it’s popping with yellows and browns. It doesn’t look as nice this yr, mainly because of the lack of rain in this area. We’re still in the negative for rainfall amounts and trees are loosing their leaves faster than mother nature can turn them.

This shot was taken 2 years ago from the same spot. (Nov 6, 2008)



JennyD said...

Carole, I must have weird eyes, that's all I can say. I look at the shot without the Fall colorfest and it's still beautiful, just in a different way. Look at that again. The serenity, the quiet, the calmness, as against the beauty of the Fall which shows fire and life and energy. Who could ever say which is more beautiful? Thank God beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If it was any different, most everything else would be left out. Gotta love variety, huh.
PS/ You and I think so much alike that when you land on someone to comment and I land there right afterwards, I say to myself, "Oh crap, Carole already said it", lol.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kim, Great picture.... Isn't it amazing how one year to the next can be so different??? I think we lost our leaves earlier this year ---guess it was because of the drought (at least in our area).

Did you check out my elk pictures? Go to my sidebar, scroll down to Labels --and chick on Cataloochee Valley.


Beth said...

I love that scene Kim, it is so peaceful and serene.

Kimmy said...

Jenny am I missing a post? I don't see where Carole has posted. Or am I Carole?? lol

Betsy I did see your elk photos and they were lovely! We saw quite a few too and got to see the one big guy bugling to his females. They are such a pleasure to watch.

Jodi said...

I remember previous photos of this road and I think they are all awesome. I know what you mean though. It's a rare treat for us to just see any water running up in our mountains at all. Just no moisture to speak of.

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