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Fall is for the Birds


Today we’ve had our first good rain in quite awhile and the feeder was buzzing with sparrows and pine siskins. If you’re a bird lover like I am, please remember our feathered friends as the weather gets colder. They'll thank you for it come Spring!


Mockingbirds are a frequent visitor to the yard. Every Spring they come calling, literally, for me to cater to their love for cat food. I’ve probably fed more Mockingbirds and Woodpeckers this yr than anything. I can’t wait for Spring to around again to hear their calls for food.


Rocket Man said...

We've been seeing a lot more birds on our feeders in the past week, especially since the killing frost last weekend. Time for me to clean the windows again because it won't be long before all my bird photography will be from inside where it's warm.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, OH--how I hope the PIne Siskins don't visit my feeders this year. Two years ago--we had about 100-200 of them... YIPES!!!! Last year, NONE... And so far this year, none.

Hope we get some of your rain.. We are desperate again --and so very, very dry... But--we only have a 30% chance...SO--who knows?????

Love seeing your little birds... I need to take more pictures --which I haven't done in awhile.


Beth said...

I am a bird watcher. great photos!

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