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What a Night!

Yesterday was a heck of a day around here. Not because of the usual Thanksgiving Day madness where we dart from house to house eating way too much and feeling miserable the rest of the evening. But because of the unusual weather we had. For instance, yesterday we left our house at 12pm to the next county for dinner at my Moms. The temperature was 70 degrees and it had been raining for some time. The rain continued through the evening and onto another county and another dinner. By the time we returned home at 5pm, the temp. had dropped into the 40’s and it looked as though a tornado had blown through the yard. Turned out we did have a tornado warning around 1pm. The wind completely picked up my glass patio table and umbrella and pitched it over the deck railings and popped the hood on the lawn mower. The rain turned into sleet then huge snowflakes by 9pm. The snow didn’t stick but the sleet sure did.


This evening I realized it blew away one of my bird feeders too. (the wooden platform feeder that the birds faved the most)


I guess it could have been worse.. our neighbor lost a doghouse. But not the dog thanks goodness!

Looks like I’ll be heading to Tractor Supply tomorrow for another one.


I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and spent time with family. Smile



Tracy said...

So glad Mother Nature could add some excitement to your holiday! Seriously, it's good to hear you are okay and didn't lose anything more precious.
Love the bird picture...

JennyD said...

Wow, what a day you had! You are never going to believe this, Kimmy, but R (you know the guy I'm talking about) called me from his daughter's house and she's in Tn, too. He asked if I'd had any horrible wind storms and I said no. Then he said the SAME thing you did! All of the furniture was torn off of their deck, the birdfeeders were gone and he said it sounded like the windows were going to come out and the house was going to collapse. Had to be a tornado.
I sure am glad ya'll are ok and all the critters are safe, too. You can always get another bird feeder, but you can't replace people and pets, right? I'm sitting here and let out a sigh of relief. Don't know what I'd do without you around here, you know that? Wow.
xoxoxo and a BIG hug :)
(Bet you didn't save me that piece of pie, either, LOL)

Beth said...

I am so glad you and your family are safe. This has certainly been some weird weather the last few days.

Kimmy said...

Wow Jenny.. does R's daughter live in West Tn?
((BIG hug back)) And you're right.. I forgot to save any pie. lol

Elaine said...

Wow that's some wild weather you had. We had the high winds the day before but nothing like what you had it seems. Glad you're all ok.

JennyD said...

I KNEW you'd forget that pie, lol. It's ok. I had our regular gal's night out tonight and I'm so stuffed with Chinese food that I can hardly walk. But I'm so thirsty now! Happens every time.
Yes, R's daughter is very close to you. She's in.......omg, the name has walked right out of my head. I can't believe it. Crap. I'll find out again and let you know. Geezzzzzzzz.

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