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Smoky Mountain Getaway

I’ve been away awhile haven’t I? It’s hard to stay in touch with the blogworld and still function sometimes but I’m giving it another go.

Last month the family piled into the truck with the camping equipment and headed to my favorite area of this beautiful state of ours…the Smokies. We only had a few days to *play* but I’d planned it for months and couldn’t wait to see the mountains again. Our last camping trip to the area in Summer of ‘09 seemed very far behind. We’d never been to the park in the Fall but we knew what to expect. The colors are amazing and the traffic is bad is you wait till daylight to get on the road but hubby knows I’m an early riser and both days we were up before daylight to get ahead of the endless flow of traffic along Newfound Gap Rd. It was well worth it. I’m sure my Facebook friends are sick of hearing about our adventure by now but some of you may find the photos interesting.


Our campsite at Cosby Campground. Quiet and secluded..just like I like it.


The view from Clingman’s Dome parking lot. The cloud cover over the mountains are just amazing here.


Elk & Wild Turkey were plentiful in the Cataloochee Valley area of the park. On our first visit last Summer we missed out on the elk.


What’s this? Bear activity and a bees nest? We’ll save this trail for another trip. lol (any excuse to go back to the mountains)


Me in Abrams Creek. The hike to Abram’s Falls is a little lengthy. What better way to take a time out than plopping yourself in the middle of the creek and just taking it all in.

To view some of the best shots from our trip, visit my Flickr page. Or see a collection of photos set to music in this video.


Beth said...

The photos were wonderful. The closest I have come to the Smokies is Dollywood. ;-) Your trip sound fabulous.

Kimmy said...

You know I have never been to Dollywood?? Always wanted to go, at least once but it's never happened. lol

Rocket Man said...

Kimmy that shot from the Clingman's Dome parking lot really grabbed me.

nita said...

HI, good to see you on here, great photo's

Kimmy said...

Good to be back Nita!

Chip it was a breathtaking place for sure!

Elaine said...

Just love it Kimmy! Course you know how much I love the Smokey Mts. Did you go to the top of Clingman's Dome or was it too foggy?

Abram's Falls hike is one of my favorites, it is a little lengthy but so worth it. Glad you had such a good time. I really missed not being able to go this year.

Kimmy said...

Elaine the views from Clingmans were perfect! I thought the kids were going to give out on me before we reached the top. lol I have a video linked below the post here that shows some of the photos from the observation tower and a few panoramics on Flickr & FB.

I wish you were make your trip this yr. I think I've talked hubby into going every Fall now.

JennyD said...

Ohhhh, great shots, Kimmy! And yeah, gal, you've been away forever and a day. Don't you do like I did and make it months, ok?
I have to tell you, I love that shot of you on the creek. You look totally relaxed and happy and in the exact right place. I'd give my eye teeth to have been there :)
By the way, you asked me about Facebook. I'm sorry, I don't do Facebook. I dropped out of every social site except for the tail end of WLS and Blogspot, that's it. SO, now you have to come over here and post!

Kimmy said...

LOL ok ok.. you twisted my arm Jenny. I'm here to stay. ((hugs))

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kimmy, Thanks for coming to my blog... I hope you come back often. We went to Cataloochie recently and saw tons of elk... I have two recent posts showing the elk ---so check them out if you get a chance.

We love the Smokies also ---and I agree that Cosby Campground is a neat place to go -and less crowded. Did you go to Cades Cove? We love it ---but usually stay away from that area in October!!! Too crowded.

I love that picture taken from Clingman's Dome----with the fog below you... Neat!!!!

Thanks again.

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