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Dog Day Afternoon

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in West Tn. with temps in the mid 60’s and bright sunshine. It’s a good day to get outside and roll in the leaves! Well..play in the leaves anyway. I let Abi run for a bit while I got the camera out to catch some shots of her.

For those of you who don’t know, Abi is our latest rescue. She showed up at my mother-in-laws house a few days ago, skinny and starving and covered in fleas. Hubby just so happened to be visiting and he couldn’t stand seeing her this way so one quick phone call to me and she was riding back home with him.

She ate like she hadn’t ate in months then we let her tummy settle for a bit and gave her a bath. She was terrified of everything at first but she’s slowly warming up to new things. She still hates the leash but coming indoors isn’t a problem now. At first she wouldn’t climb or go down steps, she wouldn’t go inside without having to be picked up. Her tiny frame just sat in the kitchen floor and shook. A few days later and she’s sprawling out in the living room floor like she owns the place. The vet said she’s about 6 mo old and is healthy other than the normal hookworms/whipworms that most strays have. One little pill and those buggers are gone. Once she gets fattened up and socializes more, we can adopt her out to a loving home.


The vet seemed to think she’s a yellow lab/golden retriever mix but she has some learning to do. She could care less about a ball right now. Cats on the other hand…(notice the white blob in the background..that Prissy thinking she’s hid from Abi’s nose)


Prissy ..after Abi chased her up a tree. lol


The leaves have finally started to fall from the Cleveland Pear tree. It won’t be long before those orange and red leaves will all be on the ground and Winter will be here. Sad smile

Hope the weather is fine in your neck of the woods!


JennyD said...

Abi's a beaut! Keep him yourself! Kimmy, I've always rescued, too, and that's always been my downfall, lol. I remember when I had 9 cats, 2 dogs, 5 raccoons, & 1 squirrel all at the same time -- and all of them were mostly indoors. Menagerie? Yeah, you could say that. The best part was watching them all on the bed asleep with me. Good thing it was a king.
Prissie is just fabulous and that shot is the "cat's meow", seriously. For sure I'd enlarge it and frame it.
Now for the tree: I wonder if Cleveland is near Bradford. What do you think. Ok, nevermind, I know that was really bad. xoxoxo

Kimmy said...

LOL!! Jenny you always make me laugh girl!
Yes Cleveland is near Bradford. ;) Actually when we bought the tree years ago, the nursery people told us that Clevelands stood up to the bad weather better than Bradford so that's one reason we chose it. My brother had a beautiful yard full of Bradfords and one yr a bad storm went through and ripped them all apart. *knock on wood*, the Cleveland has stood the weather pretty well.
Hey if hubby would let me get away with 9 cats, 2 dogs, 5 coons and a squirrel,I'd do it. lol

Beth said...

I agree with Jenny. You should keep the dog, he is so handsome!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is so neat, Kim, that you all rescued that sweet little puppy. I'm sure someone will take Abi and give him a great home.

Our leaves are GONE... In fact, we worked in the yard all weekend --cleaning up the yard...

We are fairly warm here also ---too warm for this time of year to me... BUT--the roses love this mild weather...


Elaine said...

She is a pretty dog. Wish we could take her though Prince Poco might get an attitude problem getting knocked off his throne.

Ruth said...

I don't think I could give her up. She is a beautiful dog and is very fortunate to have found you. Your pear tree is lovely, unlike any I have seen in our area.

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