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Bridge Hunting

I’ve always been fascinated with old bridges. I ran upon a neat website called Bridgehunter.com here while back and I couldn’t tear myself away. I quickly found all the abandoned bridges in Tennessee and wanted to photograph them all. lol So this wknd, I talked hubby into going with to find an old bridge that was actually never finished at all. Not one car rolled across it. I don’t know the full history behind why it was never finished but I found it interesting to say the least.


Hatchie Bottom Bridge, over the Hatchie River in Haywood County, Mercer, Tn.


The bridge is really under decay at this end. One good earthquake or flood might do it in.


The pony truss at both ends of the bridge is overgrown with weeds. Hatchie Bottom Rd dead ends at the bridge but it’s a popular spot for fishing with a boat ramp accessible to the left of the sign here on private property.

I’ve already got my directions printed out for the next *bridge hunt* in Linden, Tn. It’s a good 108 miles away though so it may be Spring before we go bridge hunting again.


Beth said...

I am fascinated with bridges too. Great photos!

JennyD said...

Absolutely fascinating, Kimmy! At first I thought if some good ropes were tied in the middle for swinging that that would really be fun, but then I saw the decay and then all the rubble on the shoreline and knew that would never do. Wonder if you can find out why it was never completed -- maybe through the county?
Have to tell you: this morning I clicked on your site and 2 other people's, and on all of them it gave a message of blogsite has been deleted. Can you believe that? It wasn't just the blog itself, it was the whole darn site! Well, some time went by and I tried them all again, and whew, everyone was back. Man, I had nightmares of wls changes for a minute, lol.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat Kim, You love bridges like I love waterfalls. We have been all over the place searching for waterfalls --and have seen over 430 different ones since 2001... Call me obsessive/compulsive... ha ha

That bridge is interesting.. Makes you wonder why they built it in the first place if they were never going to use it or connect it. Some money was spent for -----nothing?????? Hmmmmmmmm..... (Maybe it was some politician's earmark!!!!! ha)

Great pictures..

Kimmy said...

Oh Betsy I'm a waterfall lover too! And our beautiful state has a ton of them!

Jenny I had the same thing happen earlier this evening. I notice Jodi said she couldn't get my link to come up on FB. It cleared up a few minutes later though. Weird!
Yeh the Hatchie is considered a scenic river when it's up but it's so low right now it's looks really bad. Scenic in a canoe though. I wouldn't want to swim in it.

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