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Smoky Vacation Video

With the new release of Windows Live Essentials, I’ve found myself using Windows Live Writer once again to send blog posts. I have yet to add HD video using this version of WLW so lets see how it looks…Hmm not too shabby.

Highlights from our Fall Camping trip to the Smokies

And with this post, I’m off to bed for the night. You night owls keep it down now!

Sleeping half-moon


JennyD said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOWWWWW, Kimmy! This was so much fun! Omg, I was positive I was right there with you guys. And the music was perfect with it. Would you believe I watched it twice. The little deer in the road was the sweetest thing and even the turkeys. You photos were sublime and you 2 are so darn cute! Ahhh, now I need to relax after my Smokey Mtn vacation :D

Beth said...

Wonderful job on the video. I thoroughly enjoyed tagging along with you on your vacation.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Kim, I'm sorry but I cannot load the video tonight.. Tried on both Firefox and on Safari.... I have a newish computer --and usually have no trouble loading videos... BUT--Maybe it's just the time of night (prime-time).. SO--I'll try later...

I know I would love 'seeing' your Smokies vacation...


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