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Chasing Waterfalls

A few months ago I got together with a fellow photographer buddy and took a trip to Middle Tn to Burgess Falls and Rock Island State Park. This was her first trip to Burgess (my 2nd) and we were both hoping the water level was good enough for some decent shots. Burgess did not disappoint! In fact we were so enthralled with our surroundings, we had to cut our Rock Island trip short. Rock Island is a favorite of mine and I can never get enough rock-hopping. We’ll have to go back next Spring for sure.


Burgess from our trip, July 2004.

The Falling Water River drops 250 feet, providing numerous spots for scenic views and overlooks of the cascades. The fall above is considered the finale at the end of a 1.5 mile moderately strenuous hike that loops back to the parking lot via a service road.


The water starts off at a tumble then proceeds down further into beautiful cascades.


Lower Falls

The history of Burgess Falls can be traced back over three centuries. Before European settlement, Indians of the Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw tribes shared this region as a hunting ground. One of the first white settlers, Thomas Burgess, received a land grant here in 1793 as payment for his service in the Revolutionary War. By the late 19th century, a gristmill and sawmill were in operation on the river here. For the growing logging and farming communities, the Falling Water River played a key role by providing energy and recreational opportunities. It has been under protection as a State Natural Area since 1973. (from Tn State Park website)

Up we go!


Middle Falls


Burgess from our trip, June 30th 2010.

After spending 4 hrs on the road and 4 hrs on the trail, we had a nice picnic lunch and headed to Rock Island State Park. I’ll save that part of the trip for later in the week. Winking smile


JennyD said...

Well, I was going to say I was Johnny on the Spot for getting here so quickly, but omggggg, Kimmy. I cannot believe my eyes with these photos. I mean, you and I are both on this end of the country and I've seen knock-you-off-your-feet scenery before, but that FIRST shot, holy cow. I have to go there, no ifs ands or buts. That is outstanding. I don't even know how you breathed at all when you saw it.

Kimmy said...

You should go Jenny! Here's the map of the area, just put in your starting point to see how far she is.

Kimmy said...

Let's try this again lol.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

We don't live too far from Burgess --and have been there many times... Once we went in the winter. There is ALWAYS water at those waterfalls.

We used to love Rock Island --and I loved to sit on the rocks and feel the mist... The last time we went, the shrubs and junk had grown up so much that it was hard to get very close. We were disappointed.

We have seen over 430 different waterfalls since 2001---so if you ever have a question about waterfalls, ask us... We are OBSESSED... ha


JennyD said...

Got it! Thanks, Kimmy! I marked in my Google maps as a saved fav place. That is just the most gorgeous thing!

nita said...

Oh I lost my comment, trying again. I love waterfalls, these pictures are beautiful. Thank you for your visits and comments and your friendship. As you will gather I have found words again this a.m. The Lord is good, will pray for inspiration and steadfastness. Hugs Nita.

nita said...

Hi Kimmy,
Just love waterfalls, these pictures are gorgeous. Thank you for your visits and comments and your friendship which I appreciate. As you will gather, I have found words again today, lol - take care - hugs -

Tracy said...

Exquisite and Glorious photos...glad I stopped by!

JennyD said...

Hey, I just saw what you said on my Thanksgiving post. Brought tears to YOU? Omg, what you said to me made me downright crumble. Kimmy, thank you so much. I've always thought I was wayyyyy under everyone else in their writings and photos, and I am, but I "feel" like I know everyone so well that that's the way I talk to them. I have some people here (my neighbors) that read my blog from time to time and they all say I write exactly like I talk, lol. Add a Paula Dean accent, and well, there you are :D
Love to you, Kimmy ;) xoxoxo

Ann said...

How many steps to climb up, and one big jump to come down.

Beautiful photos.

Lisa RedWillow said...

I thought I had commented on this Kimmy, I know I have been by once and I cant belive I didnt. Wonderful shots. There is something about water that is so captivating and I think you have the same bug I do. We just can shake it nor do we want too. Loved this blog Kimmy.Your photography is so beautiful here and on Facebook.

dAwN said...

Beautiful photos ..Looks like a place we should visit! Thanks for stopping by my blog...will check in on you to see your next adventure.

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