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Hatchie Wildlife Refuge

While we were out yesterday *bridge-hunting* we decided to swing by the Hatchie Wildlife Refuge to catch a glimpse of the Canada Geese and whatever else decided to roost around ONeal Lake. ONeal Lake, like other around West Tn, is in dire need of rain. The drought our area has had for months now has left parts of the lake completely dry. This didn’t stop the birds from migrating though and they were a pleasure to see.


The area of dry land you see in the above photo, is normally under a good 2-3 feet of water.


This swampy mess is a reminder of the lack of rain this Summer/Fall.


Thousands of dead lilies surround this Great Blue Heron, making him perfectly camouflaged.


This big guy found himself a meal in another small pond on the refuge. He walked around for a good 10 minutes with the fish in his mouth, dipping it into the water every so often, My hubby took this shot from the truck window. He did good!


The Hatchie is home to some of the tallest cypress knees I’ve ever seen. You can see where the water level is usually at by the ring around the tree.


JennyD said...

Did I get here fast enough? lol, I was just leaving a message about a wine for Cindy and saw your update pop up. Wow, Kimmy, the drought did a lot of damage. That poor heron is lucky to find anything there. It's the same here and to see the rings around the trees where the water usually is, is an eye opener. Let's hope for a wet winter at least, but a safe one.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat place, Kim...I'll bet you can find all kinds of interesting birds there especially during migrating season...

We have all had drought this year... Here on the Cumberland Plateau, we have been extremely dry all summer/Fall... BUT--today we are finally getting a little rain here. Thank God for small pleasures!!!!!


Horst in Edmonton said...

Your husband did an excellent job of taking the photo.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

Those are some awesome pictures. We usually have geese in a park just a street away and everyone complains about the mess they leave. Hope the drought gets some needed rain soon.

Beth said...

All great pictures Kim. Thank you.

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